Who is Dax?

Dax is a stunningly good looking guy. But you probably already guessed that. He works in the IT industry as an IT manager, which might come as a bit of a surprise. IT guys are not normally the most social of people but then again, they are not normally stunningly good looking either.

Dax grew up (although some would argue that he was born grown up) in Port Elizabeth before moving to Durban. After 6 years there he moved to Cape Town and has been here since the year 2000. He’s very happy in Cape Town and tries to take advantage of all that this beautiful city has to offer.

When Dax was a small child his parents accidently bathed him and this traumatic experience was responsible for him developing the ability to live an incredibly hectic social life while still retaining his good looks. He decided to use his skills for the good of mankind and hence started this website to share his experiences in the Cape Town social scene.

He would put a picture of himself on this page but he is afraid they will try and use it for the Archer’s Hottie of the Day on 5fm.