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Lanzerac wine estate

Lanzerac Wine Estate

Lanzerac is a name I’ve always know, but I’d never been to the estate. So when I was invited to visit, I took up the offer and this is what I experienced…

Reflections On My Transition From Corporate Job To Self-Employment

I have a few start over stories, but the one which has had the most impact from a financial perspective is my transition from a corporate job of 10 years to being self-employed. It’s a transition that has a huge impact, not just financially and mentally but also on relationships. Including one’s relationship with oneself.

Insurance Is Something We Can’t Do Without

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Insurance is unfortunately one of those things we just have to have. One of those expenses that go under the ‘recurring’ category. It also usually fits into the ‘fixed’ category, being one of those expenses that we can’t really change. But is that really true?

Fleur du Cap theatre awards

Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2015

This year was the 50th year of the awards, which is quite something. Held at the Artscape Theatre, if nothing else, it was going to be a glamorous affair. We arrived to walk the longest red carpet I have seen in a long time. As I expected, everyone was dressed in their best and looking fabulous.

Hallelujah restaurant

Hallelujah Restaurant Review

Somebody tweeted that Hallelujah is one of the best spots in Cape Town, better than Chef’s Warehouse. So I had to go and check it out for myself. Is it better than Chef’s Warehouse? Click through to find out…

Jordan Wine Estate

Why I Will Always Love Jordan Wine Estate

My first intersection with Jordan wine estate happened before I had even moved to Cape Town, which was 15 years ago. I was a university student, living in Durban and was spending some of my summer holiday in Cape Town with some friends. In those days I understood as much about wine as I understood about women, very little (ok, nothing)…

Classic Wine Trophy Competition

Classic Wine Trophy Awards 2015

The purpose of the Classic Wine Trophy competition is to see what French wine judges think of South African wines. The competition not only gives local producers valuable feedback regarding their standing on the international stage, but it gives SA wines great exposure overseas through these very influential wine personalities that come here to taste, judge and enjoy our wines.


My Top 5 Entertainer Partners

The 2015 Entertainer has been launched and there are now over 500 awesome partners offering 2 for 1 vouchers that total R800,000! Here are my top 5 restaurant partners and top 5 activity partners.

Victoria Falls airport

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – Plan A Visit Soon!

On the 14th of December, 1994, the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge welcomed its first paying guests. That was 20 years ago and the company has grown from strength to strength. I was invited along...

22Seven app

22Seven Personal Finance App – Going Deeper

While 22Seven is very useful as it comes, if you’re prepared to put in the time, 22Seven can be an extremely powerful tool. Which can assist you not only with understanding your spending habits, but also provide you information to make decisions and even complete your tax return correctly.