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Voyager Miles

Don’t Let Your SAA Voyager Miles Go To Waste

Voyager Miles are largely a waste of time, but there is one way you can get some value out of them… Convert them to Style Miles at Miles For Style online shopping site. There is a huge selection of things you can buy once you have converted your miles. In this post I share the details of how it works and some of my favourite picks from the Miles For Style shop.

22Seven #Startover

MySchool – Where Does The Money Go?

MySchool raises millions of Rands for its causes each month. In fact, over the last year it raised over R70m for a range of schools, charities and conservation organisations. But where does all the money go? Here are some examples of organisations that receive donations from MySchool, and the amount they receive, which is used for the running of the organisation and the positive activities in which they engage.

escrow services

Escrow Services In South Africa

Buying or selling items through the classifieds like Gumtree or OLX can be fraught with danger and fraud. But escrow services are popping up to facilitate transactions and ensure that both the buyer and seller are protected. I used one of the services recently, this is my experience and my thoughts on escrow services in general.

credit cards

Capitec Credit Card

Capitec recently launched their credit card product. Being a huge fan of Capitec I took a look at it but what I saw was very disappointing. Here’s why I won’t be getting one.


How To Get A Flight To London For R1300

Most of you will see the title of my post and think it’s click bait. But actually, it’s an observation about rewards programmes in South Africa. Specifically the British Airways Avios and the Pick ‘n Pay Smart Shopper programmes.

cape brewing co

What Is Craft?

It seems that every second thing is ‘craft’ or ‘artisan’ these days. But what does craft mean? And what makes craft products better than other products? Are craft products actually better? This article is about beer, but the questions are relevant more broadly.

22Seven #GYST

Get Your $ Together – Results

At the beginning of August 22seven asked me to join do a money saving exercise and report back on the results. They gave me a selection of money saving ideas to try. I had to select 7 of them and do them for roughly a month.

free hotel nights

Free Hotel Nights With The Entertainer

The brilliant ones among you, that know a good deal when you see one, will probably already own a copy of The Entertainer (app or book). So you will already know that apart from 2 for 1 deals at restaurants, spas, and various activities, there are 2 for 1 vouchers for hotel stays all around the world. And now The Entertainer is running a promotion where a selection of hotels are offering up to 3 free nights instead of the usual one.