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Free Hotel Nights With The Entertainer

The brilliant ones among you, that know a good deal when you see one, will probably already own a copy of The Entertainer (app or book). So you will already know that apart from 2 for 1 deals at restaurants, spas, and various activities, there are 2 for 1 vouchers for hotel stays all around the world. And now The Entertainer is running a promotion where a selection of hotels are offering up to 3 free nights instead of the usual one.

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10 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Assets While You Are Travelling

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I would recommend that people don’t make it public on social media that they are away from home, otherwise they could become a target. Unfortunately it’s my job to talk about my travels publicly on social media so I started to worry about my home & my car. I did some research and these are my top tips for protecting your assets while you are travelling.

Insurance Is Something We Can’t Do Without

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Insurance is unfortunately one of those things we just have to have. One of those expenses that go under the ‘recurring’ category. It also usually fits into the ‘fixed’ category, being one of those expenses that we can’t really change. But is that really true?

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Let’s Talk About Tipping

Orphanage is definitely the best cocktail bar in Cape Town. But on one of my recent visits I got a shock when I realised that they have started adding 10% to bar tabs over R200. Here are my thoughts…

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Restaurant No-Shows

I’m hearing more and more about restaurants asking for credit card details when patrons book a table, with the implication that they will be charged a fee per head if they don’t show up....

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Switching From MTN To Cell C

I wrote a post about changing from Standard Bank to Capitec, and I wrote a post about changing insurance companies too. Surprisingly they are some of the most popular posts on my blog, so...

What I Dislike About Restaurant Specials

What I Dislike About Restaurant Specials

My restaurant specials list went viral last year and many people have been asking me when I am going to do one this year. It’s quite a time consuming thing to check the specials...

Dial Direct vs Outsurance

Dial Direct vs Outsurance

I’m the kind of guy that carefully evaluates things before signing up. When I bought my first car, I checked out the various insurance options. It came down to a choice between Dial Direct...

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I’m changing to Capitec – I’ve had enough of Standard Bank

Bank charges are ridiculous in South Africa and it irks me that you earn no interest on your current account. Capitec is different, the fees are low and they pay interest on all your accounts. So I moved from Standard Bank after 20 years and my only regret is that I did not move to Capitec sooner.