La Mouette review

I’ve eaten at La Mouette twice since the launch party and subsequent media dinner. Once unannounced and under invitation the second time. The a la carte option is per item rather than per course as it was previously. I don’t think this will affect the bill much (starters range from R45 to R55 and mains from R90 to R130) but I think that patrons prefer individually priced items because they feel that they have more freedom. Having said that, on both of my visits I had the chef’s tasting menu which is a steal at six courses for R175. On my first visit I had the Winter menu and on my most recent visit I had the new Spring menu and also decided to have it paired with wines which takes the price to R350.

Read my thoughts on the launch for detail on the actual venue, etc. For this review I’ll just be talking about the new menu and any other changes. One important change (because you might want to have a party there) is that upstairs now has a cool bar. The whole upstairs can be booked for a function, offering bar, dining area and even a dance floor.

The quality of the food is still very high, the dishes both interesting and well executed. I went with a friend and we decided to order each of the options and share so we could taste everything. I’ve copied the menu so you can see the menu (I take no responsibility for your keyboard being full of drool). I’ve included some comments per course. Do remember the portions are not big, so it’s not an excessive amount of food despite being 6 courses.

I was quite excited about the amuse bouche which was chilled tomato gazpacho with melon, cucumber and herb oil. This is on the menu and will make a great summer option.

Cheese and truffle croquettes
A choice of Villiera Brut N/V or 200ml Jack Black Premium Beer

– Or –

Potato and shallot bhaji spiced yogurt and tomato chutney
A choice of Villiera Brut N/V or 200ml Jack Black Premium Beer

Dax: I would opt for the MCC with the croquettes and the beer with the bhaji which is quite spicy. The croquettes are sublime but the bhaji is more interesting with a lovely combination of fresh flavours.


Potato & leek veloute
truffle oil
Diemersdal Chardonnay 2010

– Or –

Coconut broth
vegetable dim sum and sesame seeds
Thelema Muscat de Frontignan 2009

Dax: The Muscat pairs nicely with the coconut broth which is actually quite spicy. Hard to choose between the two but I liked my veloute better.


Goats cheese pannacotta
grilled asparagus balsamic, quince jam and bread crisps
Villiera Chenin Blanc 2009

– Or –

Salt and pepper prawn
pea puree, shaved vegetables and crispy pancetta
Tokara Zondernaam Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Dax: I preferred the prawn dish but the pannacotta was interesting


Roasted line fish
tomato cassoulet, baby spinach and calamari
Jordan Chameleon 2009

– Or –

Beef Sirloin
pommes pont neuf, watercress puree and hollandaise
Waterford Pebble hill 2008

Dax: Linefish was angelfish, definitely the more interesting dish.


Strawberry sorbet
black pepper and mint


coffee ice cream, milk foam and chocolate macaroon
Glen Carlou ‘The Welder’ 2009

– Or –

Kimberley chedder
with peppercorns quince jelly and lavoche
Allesverloren Vintage Port 2007

Dax: Cheese is very peppery, I loved the ‘cappucino’.

La Mouette is a great option. I’ve sent many people there and they have all been very happy with it. If you haven’t experienced a tasting menu before, this is an inexpensive way to do it.

La Mouette
78 Regent Road, Seapoint
Tel: 021 433 0856

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