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kirstenbosch concerts

Kirstenbosch Concerts 2014/2015

Here’s the lineup of artists for the 2014 / 2015 season of Kirstenbosch concerts, starting 23 November. These concerts have to be the best way to spend a Sunday evening.


Is Woolworths Really The Enemy?

We want the free-range meat and the organic veg and the pastured dairy and what not, but we don’t want to be inconvenienced. We want Woolworths to sort it out for us. We want to be able to live the way we live, and have someone clean up after us. In other words, we want to consume as much as we consume and not have to feel bad.

St Yves

Clubbing in Cape Town – Then And Now

There are plenty of clubs in Cape Town, but all told, nothing terribly exciting. There have been some new developments though, and here are my comments on those.

Eat Out Awards

Nominees for the 2014 Eat Out Awards

Here are the 20 nominees for the Eat Out Top 10 to be announced at the awards ceremony on the 16th of November. So basically this is the top 20.

Bill and money

Let’s Talk About Tipping

Orphanage is definitely the best cocktail bar in Cape Town. But on one of my recent visits I got a shock when I realised that they have started adding 10% to bar tabs over R200. Here are my thoughts…

Empty table

Restaurant No-Shows

I’m hearing more and more about restaurants asking for credit card details when patrons book a table, with the implication that they will be charged a fee per head if they don’t show up....


Encounters Documentary Festival 2014

I love watching documentaries. I always learn so much. The Encounters Documentary Festival always presents a quandary for me as I have to choose which documentaries to watch due to time limitations. They asked...

Woolworths Flavour Society

Woolworths Flavour Society

I get invited to a lot of events. Some are great, some are ok and some are not great. But very few are amazing. I think the last amazing event I went to was...

Tru-Cape Fruit

[Behind The Scenes] Tru-Cape Apples & Pears

This post is part of a series called, Behind The Scenes, in which I will be looking at the provenance of some of the foods we consume. Looking at how they are produced and...