Rossouw’s Restaurants Three Star Awards

Last year I was invited to the awards ceremony for Rossouw’s Restaurants 3 star awards at Rust en Vrede. That was an awesome event, which I unfortunately did not get invited to this year. But, it’s not about me, it’s about my awesome readers who I’m sure are interested in knowing which restaurants received this accolade. So here is the list (in alphabetical order):

Stomp review

Stomp has one set, eight cast members and no words, but it offers 90 minutes of foot tapping entertainment. Using everyday items as opposed to musical instruments, the small cast creates music with a rhythm that you can’t escape (Gloria Estefan did warn you). I attended the Sunday afternoon matinee and have to say that these guys work for their money because they are all…

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Nobu review

Nobu is one of the two restaurants at the One & Only hotel in the Waterfront. I reviewed Maze by Gordon Ramsay a little while ago, and last week I had the opportunity to dine at Nobu by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. Maze and Nobu have been largely shunned by locals who feel that the prices are targeted at tourists and fear that they will not get…

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Slow Food Mother City

My experience is that there is a growing disconnect between people and the food they consume (I use the word consume because I think eating has connotations which often don’t apply). I have many friends who cannot cook, many more who struggle to determine the difference between healthy and unhealthy options and most people I know don’t have a clue where their food comes from,…

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