Pick ‘n Pay online questionnaire

Consumers have to take on some responsibility. We can’t just wander around buying what’s there and moaning about things that we’re not happy with. We need to take the time and make the effort to change things. We do have the power, because it’s our money they want.

Here is a chance for you to take a minute and influence one of the biggest retailers in South Africa, Pick ‘n Pay. They have an online questionnaire which you can fill out, informing them of your preferences regarding recycling, food labelling (or the lack thereof), GM foods, energy-saving practices and organic food.

Click the link below and give 10 minutes of your time to making a change.


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4 Responses

  1. Alistair says:

    The survey says:
    “* Please note that the deadline date for the submission of this survey is 10 November 2007”

  2. Dax says:

    Yes, thanks for mentioning that, it does say that but they have extended it until the end of Nov. They have obviously neglected to update the site.

  3. Zipho Tshangana says:

    Do you guys sell GM products to the consumer and how do you feel about the actions you have tken not to/ to sell these products

  4. Dax says:

    Zipho,I imagine you are trying to ask Pick ‘n Pay that question. Perhaps you should contact them through their website http://www.picknpay.co.za