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Do what you love

Should You Really Follow Your Passion?

I suggest to you that doing what you love or finding your passion is a luxury afforded to very few and that for the rest of us there is more relevant and helpful advice to be had.

Reflections On My Transition From Corporate Job To Self-Employment

I have a few start over stories, but the one which has had the most impact from a financial perspective is my transition from a corporate job of 10 years to being self-employed. It’s a transition that has a huge impact, not just financially and mentally but also on relationships. Including one’s relationship with oneself.

22Seven app

22Seven Personal Finance App – Going Deeper

While 22Seven is very useful as it comes, if you’re prepared to put in the time, 22Seven can be an extremely powerful tool. Which can assist you not only with understanding your spending habits, but also provide you information to make decisions and even complete your tax return correctly.


22Seven Personal Finance App – Using It

In this blog post I will be looking at what 22Seven tells you out the box. In other words, using the standard categories and reports, what can we learn about our finances?


22Seven – Managing Personal Finance

In my previous post about 22Seven I introduced the app and revealed its goal of empowering people to take control of their finances by providing the information needed in order to do that. In...


Introducing 22Seven – The App

Apps are cool. They are always (well, mostly) designed to be easy and quick to use. I could imagine that having 22Seven as an app would potentially be the key to analysing my income and expenditure without having to invest a ton of time. So I signed up. I’m trying out the app and I’ll be writing some blog posts about my experience as I go along.