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group buying

Group Buying in South Africa

The concept of group buying is a good one. Buying in bulk has always been a good way to save money and sometimes people even form ‘buying clubs’ in order to get bulk discounts....

Restaurants with fireplaces in Cape Town

Restaurants with fireplaces in Cape Town

Right, so before winter is out, we need a list of places with fireplaces (that are in use). We all know nothing beats having dinner or sipping wine on the couch next to a...

Capitec Bank Logo

I’m changing to Capitec – I’ve had enough of Standard Bank

Bank charges are ridiculous in South Africa and it irks me that you earn no interest on your current account. Capitec is different, the fees are low and they pay interest on all your accounts. So I moved from Standard Bank after 20 years and my only regret is that I did not move to Capitec sooner.

Garden fresh risotto

Vegetarian restaurants in Cape Town

After seeing Earthlings and subsequently posting about vegetarianism, I’ve been very keen to do a post about vegetarian restaurants in Cape Town. However, it’s not quite that simple. There are very few restaurants which...

Cooking classes in Cape town

Cooking courses in Cape Town

I’m not entirely sure which category this post should fall under. I eventually decided to put it under General because it just doesn’t belong anywhere else. I have only posted once before on cooking courses (here) and...

Restaurants with free wireless

Restaurants with free wireless

I recently acquired a laptop, so now I’m more interested in free wireless internet (sometimes just called WiFi) than I used to be. There are some places that offer internet but you have to...